Any Brands GP days available?

Does anyone know of any days going? The Brands Hatch website only lists their own MSV trackdays which don’t have any GP days. I’m gagging to do one.

One place on Focused website at the end of the month

Oh! Thanks mate. Wish there were more spaces.

brands gp rules

jay, dunno exactly how this caterham day will work on the 10th but presumbly a bunch of weirdos will swap their bikes for cars to doughnut in a carpark. presumably leaving some gaps in the afternoon on track. could be worth looking into.

Not sure if there is any space left, but believe they are having one in September

Don’t forget that the GP circuit has a more restrictive noise limit as well! But its a great circuit, so much better than the Indy.

Oh, well that’s me buggered then. It’d be a right hassle changing the exhaust back to stock. Then changing the fuel map.

Think its 102db max, sure thats me down and out as well. Think I am going to run the bike down on one of the evening track days and get it tested. I quite often know the noise tester

I just got under the 105db limit for an Indy day the other week. I wouldn’t be confident I’d pass again.

Racefit now do a removable baffle for the Mega. Think its about £50.