Any Bike Electricians out there??

Brake light has packed in on my bike! I’ve checked fuses, changed bulbs, still nothing - doh.
Everything else electrical working fine.

this happened twice on my last bike aswell and I ended up having to go to a bikeshop and give them 50 - 60 quid to fix it. Can’t afford to keep doing that so can anyone help, I’m quite willing to pay, just not a silly amount of dough for a little job!!!

Not trying teach grandma to suck eggs, but

Is the brake light not working on both the front and back brake, I got rubbish caught in the micro switch of the back brake so the brake light only worked when I used the front brake. If that’sthe case for you some wd40 should do the trick.

Could be a loose connection in the wiring loom, usually happens under the seat area, probably a barrel connector come adrift.

whats the bike m8

front or rear playing up?

All brake lights gone - checked all that i can check, had the whole tail unit off, its driving me maaaaa-aad!

PS - it’s a Suzuki RF600R

Did you try to give it a good slap on the rear end? perhaps she’s only being a bit sttuborn…

Slapping that ol’lady will knock bits off, man…

Chris mate, you know you have to pull the right hand lever back towards the handlebar.

I can’t remember the last time I saw you brake…

Aint got a continuity checker thing. Just have to ride without brake lights for now. Will just avoid the police (nothing new to me!)

What erea are you in ??? PM me maybe i can help

i sent you an email with my no. on it geez, if you didnt get it send me a p.m. and i can sort it out for you next time ur at the ace…