Any artists about?

ive recently got back into drawin an ive been tryin to draw soem sports bikes, but im really struggling cos of their complicated shapes and the affect perspective has on them.

can anyone give me some advice or tips? or a website that gives good ones?


Perhaps you should try something other than bikes, if your finding them difficult? Something with less going on, and then build up? Or get a tracing pad and trace a few just to get your head around it? Are you drawing from life or pictures?

from pictures atm, but the tracing is a rle good idea, ty :slight_smile:

wot he said!!

i cnat draw for sh*t, but i can draw letters!!:smiley:



I think that might be your problem, its hard to get an idea of perspective if you can’t walk around an object or examine it from different angles. Try drawing some from life, and I bet it’ll be loads better

Yes mate what El Diablo says.

You need to sit yourself down and draw from life. The best way to practice this is to try to draw tables and/or chairs. Be sure to have a propper board and all the gubbins you need with you as well as decent sized paper. Use your pencil or pen at arms length to measure and work out your angles and size of image in relation to the paper youre working on - simple maths 1 x pencil length = 2 x drawn image length, or the other way round etc etc. Make use of markers and dont be scared of the paper, re-drawing or over drawing. Its not an exam and the aim is to practice getting your eye in not to make pretty pictures. Oh and remember to revisit the same position if you have to take a break. If youre serious id suggest A1 size paper (you can always cut it down in size) a decent board, a good set of pencils and a maleable putty rubber.

Go for it but be prepared to perservere. Once you get the hang of it youll have loads of fun.

Nearly forgot.

May seem obvious but remember to look at and reference from the object and try not to fixate on the drawing. The more you concentrate on or fiddle with the drawing itsself instead of referencing from the object and then making your mark, the more you will draw what you think you see instead of whats actually in front of you.

Hope this helps.

thanks :slight_smile: