Any advice on a new chain?

Hi I need a new chain and sprocket kit for my 2012 Kawasaki ER6F.

And suggestions? I don’t want it to be too expensive but likewise I don’t want it to wear out in a few thousand miles.

These are the ones I’m looking at:

HDS Chain


Also going to be having 2 new tyres.

Probably going to be Dunlop D209 Sportmax tyres if anyones had any experience?

I’m quite a reserved rider really with the occasional blast here and there.

I would expect you to pay somewhere in the region of £100 for a chain and sprocket kit and that should be good for about 15-20k miles on an ER6

Tyres are a personal choice, I’m not a fan of Dunlops so would opt for Michelins or Continentals.

Are they running a 120 front and a 160 rear?

Fitted a ‘D.I.D X ring Gold and Black’ chain and the ‘JT’ front and rear sprockets on the Bonne’

OEM chain was finished at 15,000 miles, the ‘Gold and Black’ are like Duracells they go on and on particular when you don’t have too many horses kicking them. So far so good I’ve now clocked 21,000 hard miles on it and it’s practically like new with virtually no stretch.

For all spares and service items Wemoto is your friend and you’ll get a D.I.D Black X ring chain and sprocket kit for less than £100.00 or, throw another £25.00 in the budget and go for the ‘Gold n Black’

inter webby didgeridoo do dah here

DID X ring gold chain and sprocket kits are spot on.

if i were buying dunlop road tyres i would go Road smarts

Don’t forget if doing it yourself a breaker and riveter will be handy … plus a few spare links just in case whilst you practice with it :wink:

DID X ring for me here too. 10k on my vfr and almost no stretch