any 1 up 4 a ride

just thought id see if any 1 was round south ie.mitcham tooting balham and any other place thats up 4 a ride any time :smiley:

What? Now? its 2.58am here, lets go…

Sorry couldnt resist. Bored and having an insomniac night.

im coming from surbiton / kingston way… but pmmme if ever you want a ride out… will always be up for a blast out… Only reason i say pm me is that i will def see it cos of email… and work etc = best way to make me see it and then ignore work and play! Lol!!!

Hi,im in Wandsworth and usually up for a ride,couple of mates local as well.

me and a mate regularly blatt up to ace from putney on a friday if you ever want to meet up before?

silly fu**** i forgot i put this post up lol any time any 1s free give me a pm and ill be up 4 it ,:wink:


u guys better still be around wen i get my bike!!! :smiley: