Any 1 had a ktm supermoto nicked?

Spotted young herberts flying up/down drummond rd se16 about half hr 990 supermoto, i think.

cops been called but too easy for bike to get away through the estate

1 kid riding it with crash hat, t’others having a go not wearing.see below as example.



oh well, cops were a no show, well i didnt see em anyway.

the woman on the emergency line said they could be there within the hour, not worth bothering with the police is it?

is there any hope at all?

Nope when i saw 2 14 year olds driving a XT660 on the pavement with out helmets i called the cops and they were useless. Couldnt find the area even though i told them the road, area, local park (which apparently their map doesnt show). They offered to give me a CAD number. I was expecting the police to turn up, considering the bike was in eye site when i rang.