Antifeeze (coolant fluid) question

Hi all,I need to top up the coolant, and having checked the manual, I cannot seem to fing the stuff anywhere:

Bike is an Aprilia and the manual specifies Paraflu 11 FE (which is hard to find in UK) or alternatives that meet or exceed the CUNA NC 956-16 specification. I cannot seem able to find anything with this specification in the UK. I am tempted to go down to Halfords and get their brand regardless of the spec.

Any suggestions / advice would be most welcome!

Many thanks,

Sol EDIT: Damn missed the R from the Antifreeze in the title. Added here to facilitate search results!

Todays antifreezes are all much of a muchness and all aluminium engine safe.

So Halfords finest will do you a treat. I find it easier to make up the correct ratio (50:50 or whatever) in a pop bottle first:cool:

As usual, Chunky seems to be right.

The Aprilia spec. stuff is Italian made, stone me there’s a surprise, the fall back is some sort of European universal spec that turns up from several manufacturers for vehicle as diverse as Vespa scooters and Volvo earth moving plant.

Any decent stuff would appear to be O.K. Sounds like a job for any branded make, including Halford.

The ready mixed stuff from Tesco is exactly the same spec as Halfords stuff and loads cheaper.Wilkinsons is dirt cheap for the stuff, too :slight_smile:

Many many thanks everyone!I got some from Halfords! (will explore Tesco and Wilco in the future though)