anti rain spray recommendation

Hi guys,

Two night ago was my first time riding in the dark when it was raining and I was just about make it home alive. I was hardly able to see anything with the rain/water on my visor, so I am calling for help and recommendation for some good anti rain spray. I can find quite a few different anti fog spray but not anti rain. please advise so I will still be alive for next summer ride out activities :hehe:

Thanks in advance

i’m not going to be very helpful here, cos i cant remember the name of it. But i use a brilliant one for rain, Its in a purple and white bottle, with purple cap. Someone on here will have it too and know the name. :smiley:

Furniture polish. Polish the outside of the visor, and the rain just runs off it. It only lasts 3 or 4 rides in the wet, but it really works rather well.

Also, when you clean your visor, do it by sponging water onto it, rather than wiping it, to avoid scratching it.

Was this Saturday night? I was riding back from Cadwell Park and the heavens well and truly opened. A couple of hours riding through what seemed like a lake was surprisingly fun!
I’ve got some stuff for my car windscreen, think it’s called rain x, would this be suitable for using with visors? Or should I be looking at a visor/motorbike specific product?

Rain X works for me…

Nikwax visor proof, safe on plastics unlike rain X which is solvent based

pin lock or fog city on the inside, mr sheen on the visor, job done. :wink:

Top tips :smiley:

Thanks folks :smiley:

Thats the one :D:D

What poutywombat said.

But occasionally, in the very worst conditions, I find that there’s not much more to be done than to flip open the visor and squint. A long motorway haul with rain and muck coming up from the surface will eventually coat the visor. Stop, clean it and if you can, wait for a while.

If your visor is already slightly scratched, it’s time for a new one.

Btw - anyone ever tried the disposable strips the F1 drivers use? Any good?

Yep, they’re good, but expensive. Don’t know where to get them.

Mr Sheen works a treat, but spray it onto a duster/cloth and then apply it to the visor, as the propellents eventually weaken the surface of the visor otherwise. :wink:

If you have a suomy helmet, they do a ‘rain-repellent’ visor, it is quite expensive at 60 quid, but I have had mine for 2 years and it still works well :slight_smile:

why not just use that little blade that goes over the glove :wink:

hey guys,

thanks for the advise and tips

I’ve got one of 'em sewn into my winter gloves. Saved my life today on the way home. I’ll recommend them any day.

Very small amount of car polish works a treat for me on the visor

Great thread, I’ll try some of these as I ended up with the raised visor and squint method in the dark the other night

Haha me too! My eyeballs got a good wash haha!

I polish mine with autoglym…

FOGTECH is the mutts nuts for anti fogging for visors and glasses, plus fogcity visor insert, the I use Fogtech anti rain stuff look on thier site got good deals at the moment, use it sparingly and its visor down no problem :):slight_smile: