Anti - Fog sticker / spray

Hi guys my helmet cant have pinlock so l need advise on sticker or spray for the damn fogging up…l used Muck Off in a past - didnt really worked that well. Any recommendations ?


edit: Or smear a tiny blob of fairy liquid on the visor

I used to have a “fog city” insert that was similar looking to pinlock but didn’t require pinlock tabs, I never got round to installing it though as I got a pinlock ready visor so I can’t be much help beyond knowing the name of it.

The soap thing doesn’t work. Ride did a big product test years ago, Pinlock obviously came top, followed by FogTech:

Fogtech is good but needs reasonably regular application - I use it on my specs in winter

Why can’t your helmet have pinlock?

Raleri ( do some self adhesive inserts, that work in the same manner as Pinlocks. Found them pretty reasonable in the past.

amazing, thanks. will ride with a bit of Fairy today but order RALERI insert tomorrow, looks like exactly what l need

spit on it and smear it about a bit.