Anti-flash number plates - do they work?

Can anyone tell me if they work?? Thanks (don’t want to waste money…)

ive had two but never been flashed they use reflective numbers some are really obvious but and this is gospel they can when looking at the photo negative the image which can make the numbers more visible, my advice get the spray its onl £20 a can second site is better

Only one prob the new cam’s don’t need a flash so spray and reflective numbers arn’t gonna work!!!

you should have a two line plate, snap the bottom line off - much easier

and… you end up with a smaller, letterbox style plate too.

“it just snapped when a stone kicked up, officer”

ever thought of using anti flash spray? works…

I’d save your money.

To be honest your asking for trouble…most Traffic cars are video equipped and the anti flash spray and plates don’t show up on the Monitors and is an instant tug…then your looking at offences of attempting to pervert the course of justice and kindred offences

Most don’t work anyway and even if they do the developers can still raise the image.

Hows about wheelying through the cameras instead ?

What’s worse :

Riding around worried that every police car behind you can see the sun (not relevant at mo) causing a white-out on your plate


watching out for those bright dayglo 3ft square Gatso boxes that can’t chase you?

Me, I’d go for the latter.

Whats wrong with a dirty number plate. I have one all the time and you cant see the letters>


simple solution: watch your speed.

Yup just watch for the cameras. I have always had a standard sized plate never been tempted by the small ones. If you have a standard plate ok it may look a little big but the police generally leave you alone and dont even pull you over for a routine check unless your riding like a muppet.

But you’ve got a bike the same colour as the plate so it don’t stand out so much LoL

My plates have always been and 2 inches under regulation size with a standard font never been tugged, but it depends on the scuffer thats pulled you?

Scuffer? LoL LoL that’s a new one on me.

Perhaps other’s will disagree, but I’ve always thought that the ‘scuffer’ would look for a better reason to pull you over (like speeding, being a knacker etc), but once pulled over your plate, like a race can, is not exactly gonna endear you to them.

That said, I’ll be organising a ‘show plate’ for the Trumpet as soon as the R&G tailtidy is ordered.

But hang on, they’re not for road use…

The last time i was pulled on my bike was 2003 i had a skinny plate and a race can got £30 fine for the plate he asked me if i was gonna change my exhaust back to standard the next day i said yes he smiled and said on your way ride safe but that was at odiam bike meet he was sound but if he hadnt give me a fine there was plenty of Scuffer presence to ensure i would go home with a ticket regardless…

Would that really stick in court?

“Attempting to pervert the course of justice”, I’d have thought it required proof that a initial offence had been committed.

It’s like putting someone in the dock under that charge and saying “Your honour, the accused is a proven fibber and if he ever commits a crime I’ve no doubt he’ll lie under oath.”

I’d imagine though, that if a plate like that was spotted, you’d go over the bike with a fine toothed comb.

Is there in fact legislation to specificaly deal with this case?

bought one from a show years ago, didnt work, got three points

think thats pretty scientific proof


It would be easy to prove.

‘Attempting’ is the key word.

What reason would you give for having one fitted?

We can stand there and explain that they are for the attempt of avoiding prosecution for photographic proof of offences.

the manufacturers openly advertise that they are designed to ‘avoid’ capture by speed enforcement cameras.

Now what reason could you give for having it fitted?

remember you have to stand in a dock and sound convincing…

I wouldn’t like to try it.

A guy from the ACE told me that single line plates as from the 1st March 06 come with 3points and a BIG fine, now the fines cool but 3 points arn’t worth a small number plate, was this man just quoting something he read in MCN or is there some truth to it?