Anther one of those short notice rides

leaving Oakdeane (layby opp) at 10am, could end up anywhere, Rye? Hythe? Herne Bay? or maybe all of them:)Not a fast pace but not 125 or L’s pace;)

If it’s peeing down, feel free to start without me:cool::slight_smile:

I’m up for it , do you want to lead from there but i go in front for some of it ?


i’m in for this :slight_smile: rain or shine

Be on ya own in the rain Guy!!!;):hehe::hehe:

usually am :wink: are you taking waterproofs for milau bridge?:stuck_out_tongue:

Quite happy to follow but if you do go east i prob know the better roads , well better ? Not trying to take over .

Oh! yes:w00t:

oh yes you are!!!:w00t: fluc off:P:hehe::hehe:I aint got any probs following, I would have to look up a route for Herne Bay direction from Oakdeane, see how it goes in the morning:cool:

Ooooooh, a ride-out this side of the river:) lets see what i can sort;):smiley:

Be good to have you along rob:)

every ride should have someone along to take the piss out of:w00t::P:hehe::hehe:

come on then, this get this one up and going seeing it’s now turned into my birthday ride-out:D, gotta be home by 6pm, evening date, a couple of hotties taking me out to get sloshed, so get Pm’ing everyone:w00t::smiley:

Guy make sure you set your alarm !

spose you think you will be getting a birthday cake from ‘The Box’:w00t:Rikster is turning out.

Be good to see that snoring git rikster:D

Where are all the Kent LB’ers??? you got a ride out on your doorstep! wakey wakey!!!:cool:

amazingly i’m up and getting ready :smiley:

Be good to see me Wales CD !!! ;):w00t::w00t:

by the way, did you find your Dubloons ?:hehe:

Yeah, all fell out with me dirty undies, you tosser:w00t::smiley:

Just had little rain here but roads and sky look ok now .