ANPR ... Everywhere? Myth or Fact???


With the demise of Tax Discs I just wondered if you knowledgeable crew could clear something up…

I know Police Traffic cars carry ANPR

I Know there are ANPR cars and vans cruising around cities (not many of them) checking parked motors for Congestion charge violations, as well as tax/insurance.


Are there static ANPR cameras dotted around main routes… for instance I often pass (forward facing) little cameras along A roads (A3, A4 etc)

Is the only way you will get nicked is by having a Traffic Car behind you - or having a council warden checking, or passing an ANPR road block or parking your bike with the tail facing the road and having a council ANPR car pass you???

Ps I have an old van with silver on black numberplates - the ANPR at two supermarket car parks can’t read it so you you don’t get the “Welcome ABC123M - Parking Is Free For Two Hours”

Does that mean that police ANPR can only read black on yellow (or white???)

Yes, but it’s rare to know exactly what they’re checking for. They’re parsing numberplates but might or might not be checking against untaxed, uninsured, unmoted or stolen lists.

Or, presumably, by having a vehicle that is neither SORNed nor taxed. Which as far as I know is most of the way they’ve done it thus far.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a cops-with-cameras show where all sorts of ‘bad’ numberplates were read by their in-car ANPR. But they would want me to think that.

Two year old story, but apparently the camera’s aren’t quite everywhere yet:

Plenty of conspiracy websites out there that try to compile a list of all their locations, but many seem run by tin foil hat crackpots or slightly worrying types - Google’ing ANPR locations london and I get a nice Google map with camera location in Londonderry, NI… hmmm.

What about those on the congestion charge borders? Aren’t those capable now of checking for other stuff apart from whether you paid the CC?

Presumably they record the image of the number plate so if it can’t be read by the computer, a human could take a look?