ANPR also in south london today

Similar heavy police presence in Mitcham (2 police riders on BMW off road bikes G650 challenges by the look of it) …with the ANPR van and transporter …

Then 15mins up the road same deal (no off road bikes here) on Brixton Hill usual free MOT for cars with no insurance

Keep up the good work bill

Also on Harrow rd and Tooting Bec rd pulling bikes and vans.

Friend of mine was stopped and warned the other day.
The police setup some kind of speed trap on Clapham Road.

My mate was going to try race a 300cc scooter from the lights on his 125 as a laugh. But he got held back by a cyclist infront of him. Next thing he knows police spring out of nowhere down the road and booked the 300cc with 3 points!
Scary ****!

ANPR is a good thing isn’t it - removing all the untaxed, uninsured, unlicensed nobbers from the roads. Picking up any scrotes on nicked bikes.

The more of them get taken off the roads around my house, the better.

More like giving out tickets for number plates, tyre tread, lights, etc.

So why then does everyone rush to post their existence on such&such road?

Surely all this is doing is alerting any of the aforementioned scrotes that may be perusing the site, of their presence, so they can avoid getting pulled? :crazy: :pinch:

Just get a plate that’s visible to the naked eye Daniel :stuck_out_tongue:

i post it “just for fun” really … dont really think uninsured folks look at this site before leaving … !!

Or maybe you are really busy and find waiting 20 mins in a car park an inconvenience that can be avoided by others.

I was legit btw.

LOL. It is if you have 20-20 vision :smiley:

It’s not the winning it’s the taking part. I take on motorcycles in my Volvo. Shame about the chap who got the points though. In this game points definitely don’t mean prizes.

did you see the aftermath of the brixton cars that were taken away ?

That’s very efficient - crushing the cars while they’re still on the transporter.

It’s a shame those cars are uninsured :smiley: