Another 'WHICH TYRE' Thread?

I have a 2009 ZX-10r Ninja,

Current tyre (and I’m happy with) is the Pirelli Corsa Diablo III but I’m getting told its out of stock.

My current tyre is illegal, and have a 2500mile trip planned in two weeks.

Tyre size 190/55/ZR17

Any tyre guru’s out there?

What are you looking for?

We can’t help if you’re not specific. Trackdays? Commuting? Tyre wear? Wet grip? All rounder?

The PDC III is pretty good at most things but I get the feeling it’s outclassed by the Michelin CTs. These will be my next ones after
5 years on PDC IIIs/Supercorsas.

Otherwise if you’re happy with Pirellis, you might want to consider the Angels for grippy tyres, or Rossos for longer tyre wear.

Go for the replacement tyre the Pirelli Rosso Corsa, multi compound so should be good for your 2500 mile trip.

i am sure afro will be along soon :slight_smile:

Thanks guys…

Might go for the Rosso.

I use my bike to commute, the odd long run, sometimes try to keep up with Mr Jetstream.

I don’t track this bike, so I guess an all rounder is the way forward.

The PDC3 lasted 4500miles. Got slightly squared off when I did a high speed motorway run. But that was a one off :stuck_out_tongue:

I am clueless when it comes to tyres, so any tips of the market, whats new etc, is appreciated.

I can recommend the Michelin CTs too. Grip and feedback are really good - and they are supposed to last nearly as long as touring type tyres like the Bridgestone BT020 - can’t confirm this yet as I’ve only done a couple of thousand on mine so far.

I use the CT’s on my ZX6R, and I can personally vouch for them being utterly epic. You can get your knee down in the wet with them if you are of a mind to - and they still last very long.
But if you’re not planning on a lot of ‘hair on fire’ riding, and more for long touring or whatnot then Avon Storm’s are pretty ace. Didn’t get as much grip in the wet as I’d like on my bike, but in the dry they are brilliant and fine in the wet when warmed up. Of course on a heavier bike they perform much better (my dad uses them on his ZZR1400) and they last ages. I can’t remember the exact mileage I got out of them but it was brilliant.
BT20’s were good but Storm’s were much better I think, and Dunlop Sportmax’s are brilliant but you won’t get as much mileage out of them as the others

Hope my rambling of my tyre history helps XD

Just dug this up: I did 18k in the last year on a set of Avon Storms, and then the Michelin CTs. Between the 2 I had a half worn set of Dunlops too. But still, Not bad mileage for 2 1/2 sets of tyres

Michelin 2CT Road 2’s fitted to the Triumph for my little trip. Great tyre wet or dry with decent wear rate. :)I also run these on the Busa no problems :smiley:

Yeah, i think the Michelins Pilot 2CT’s are the best all round tyre:D

If you want a bit more stickier stuff, Power 2CT’s :wink:

Changed from Dunlop Qualifiers and never looked back :wink:

  • 1 for 2CTs. I use them on my ktm 940 and they’re fantastic. Plenty of feel, warm up very quickly and last a long, long time.

Gone for Pilot Pures recently. Like them so far.

another +1 for 2CT’s. done just over 4k on them now along with 7 TD’s and there’s still life left. awesome grip/feedback levels in wet and dry.

yet another +1 for the 2CTs (well on a CBR600 anyway); done over 4k in all conditions & road types and still quite a bit of tread left

but a slow rear puncture means i am now tempted by the new Power Pures :smiley:

The Michelins make sense. Road 2 2CTs are fantastic tyres.