Another way of looking at it

People may not know, but my biking hobby isn’t riding (that’s a way of life) but passing on what I’ve learnt and playing around with what can be done with the bike without breaking the bank.

I’m going to change the look of the bike this summer (much as I did last summer), I’ve got several of the bits and a spare set of bodywork to spray up, but have finially started, all be it in a small way.

this is the current seat on the bike

and this is the winter seat ( looks standard apart from a heating element I built in)

And this is what will be on it after the re-spray.

Another veiw

and a comparison.

Now I know you might say, big deal he brought a seat cover, and indeed I looked into that very thing but knocking on the door of £80 just for a custom seat cover wasn’t good value at all (yes I know you can get those Baglux ones for just over half that, but not a union jack).

So what I did was get a Lambretta seat cover and re-modelled it to fit.

Half an hours work and astaple gun and it’s all done, well pleased with the result.

But best of all the whole bill £14

Cheers Mark.