Another W****R off the road

Slighty old news but…

Pete Doherty banned from driving

December 4, 2006

A British judge on Monday banned rock singer Pete Doherty from driving for four months and also fined him on five counts of drug possession.

Doherty, 27, lead singer of Babyshambles, pleaded guilty in August to possession of less than 2 grams each of heroin, cannabis, crack cocaine and cocaine. He was fined £770

Aparentley when the coppers pulled him over he was having trouble with his mirror and Gear…

That guy is a complete waste of space, i recon they should let him kill himself with an OD. I know it sounds hard but all he ever dose is get wasted and take loads of drugs and he thinks it`s great. What a wayne kerr.

If it had been anyone else they would have been locked up. Apparently he is on the verge of signing a big record contract. For what? Most appearences in court with the least punishment each time?

Does anyone else think this geezer sounds as bad as he looks???

Or am i just behind the times…

ive also just read that his mate died as a result of falling off a 30ft ledge and plunging to the pavement. Would that be enough to change his ways? i doubt it! the guy is a public nusciance!

I went to uni with the guy in East London…he lived 5 doors down from me in the student hostel. Although he was obviously not your run of the mill dude, he was a decent fella…very sad that he’s got mixed up in this drug sh*te though

[email protected]!

And had that been one of us we would get 5 years and a new boyfriend and never drive again