Another stolen bike.....

Oh man… WTF???
Bad news Buddy!
Can’t believe that…

Having been there myself I created a little motto for myself:

I CANT be arsed to lock it
They CAN be arsed to nick it.

Hope you find it and all ends well.

I accidently forgot to chain my bike up a few nights back, I nearly leaped out of my skin when I saw it unlocked. Scared the shit out of me.

omg… so sry to hear this, Phil…the sound of ur bike is really perfect though…dont giv up biking, m8…hope to see u get another bike soon…

my bike shall be back on the road at the end of this month…waiting for 3rd party’s insurer coming to inspect the damage…cant replace any broken parts until then…get an old van as storage garage is a pretty good idea, thought about that before…



Gotta love the efficiency of the police:

Reported my bike stolen on Saturday AM and on Tuesday AM I receive a letter from them saying they’re closing the case…

To be fair I do understand that there isn’t a great deal they can do as there’s no CCTV, witnesses etc…so fair enough.

On the other hand, when I fell asleep on the tube a cpl of years ago and woke up at a station having my watch taken off my wrist (but woke up just in time) and then basically had a barney with them on the platform the police couldn’t find anything then either, despite the platford etc all being covered by CCTV.

Just a bit peeved off at the inconvenience and cost. I have car so am not without transport, but this is gonna cost me about £800 in excess and premium increase, which is just lovely given I’ve had the bike about 8 weeks. So £100/week is the cost of having a bike! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mate, think anyone who’s had a bike stolen has felt the exact same thing!!
My letter of closure of the case actually had the same date stamped on it as the day of the theft!! So yeh, not alot is going to be done. It wasnt like I left mine on the street unlocked it was secured underground, and they were on cctv hauling the bike up the stairs from the car park so join the club!!
It’s frustrating that nothing seems to be done to deter the theives, I feel your pain! :angry:

Shit mate…Sorry to hear you news…Its a shit feeling not having a bike. Its like losing a limb