Another stolen bike.....

This morning I got a knock on the door from the police asking for a bloke called Daniel or something. He doesn’t live at my place and I know he doesn’t live upstairs… I go upstairs with the police to check for any mail for ex-tenants etc, but find nothing…as I walk out I notice my bike has disappeared!!!

It was there (or I’m pretty sure it was) at about 11PM when I got home from the pub…

Parked on the road as I have no off road parking. Not chained / covered because I forgot to put them on yesterday…please hold back on the public flogging for lack of security!

That’s my Saturday f**ked.


aaww poo man. Nice looking bike too :angry:

Oh no :w00t: sorry to hear this, a lovely looking bike, hope you get her back.

gutted for you know how it feels to stare at an empty space in disbelief.

sorry man, not good :(i been getting like that, forgetting to chain up. Fingers crossed it does get found though, Lovely bike that is.:frowning:

I Am Soory for you M8

Mate, I’m sooooo gutted for you I know you loved that bike :frowning:

There was one for sale on pistonheads just like yours if your thinking getting another.

I’m so annoyed for you!!


I’m really so sorry for you, a really nice looking bike too; an awful experience :w00t:Hope it’s found soon and/or you get a replacement.



Shitty news. Might be worth taking a quick walk round n case it was kids / local scrotes.



Thanks. I’ll check out pistonheads!

Can’t be without a bike…but security is going to have to be stepped up. I’m thinking I might get something welded onto the chassis of my car so I can chain my bike to it! Obviously this leaves the bike unsecured when I’m using the car. Perhaps I should by another car (the cheapest hunk of junk I can find) as an anchor???

I only had 1 years NCB but losing that is gonna whack my premium up about £300. The rage hasn’t set in yet!

shit dude… sorry to hear that :frowning:

bad news, sorry to hear bout that. Hope you get it back or a good payout.

Shit news mate, I hope you get her back.

For what it’s worth, I was looking into buying an old shed of a van, taking off the wheels so the van doesnt get nicked, and using it as a ‘garage’ for my bike. Weld in a few anchor points to the chassis, declare it SORN etc. Then I found somewhere safer to park…

Really nice looking bike, I can see why it got nicked. Really sorry to hear that, did it not have an alarm? Surely the neighbours must have seen something?


sorry for the bad news,
which area do you live?
what did the police say?

I live in N4 on a reasonably quiet road off Green Lanes.

A guy I know has a garage so when I get a replacement I’ll be keeping it 5 mins walk down the road in there. Will lower the premium a bit too.

The police didn’t say much about recovery really… They were there to deal with another matter but were quite willing to deal with all of the details there and then. There were two police officers, a guy and an incredibly beautiful blonde gorgeous officer. That sort of sweetened the loss to some degree!

Just to add insult to injury I was driving through Camden earlier in the car and some prick changed lanes to go around a bendy bus and clipped the front end of my car. Already pissed off at this mornings events I was on the verge of punching him…! Fortunately it didn’t do any damage other than a bit of paint transfer which should come out with some T-Cut. ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m going for a beer.

Sorry to hear this matey, beautiful bike that is :crying: Did you put it on LB’s SVD (Stolen Vehicle Database)? Link here

dude I feel for you, that’s a sweet looking bike and to have a prang as well. jeez, hope your day gets better and you meet up with the blonde copper while having your beer!

you live in an area thats known for bikes goign walkies mate.

please people of you have to leave it parked chain it, even if its for 5 minutes, chain it up!

will keep an eye out for ya tho fella.