Another Rider Conforms.....

Feel very common… just bought a GSXR750Y, gonna be a track and fun bike. :smiley:

Healthy Spec, gonna need a bit of attention to get it road legal, but reckon it is going to be fairly swift on the track, Ohlins front and rear…



Common or extremely popular?

Looks fun :cool:

She does look good fun, Must admit I would love to get a track bike for this year. How much did you pay for her and where did you pick it up from?


Picked her up for 2 grand, sounded about right compared to the other stuff I had seen, it was from a dealer (one of the mechanics had made it into a trackday bike for a year and then wanted to sell it on) and they are delivering it to me :slight_smile:


i knew you would come over to the dark side…!!!

well done mate…she looks stunning!!!

try to stay on the fecker now eh?..ur getting as bad as me you are!!


nice 1 m8, you know it makes sence, lol.

i take it you have somewhere better to keep the bike?

Yep, that I do :slight_smile:


Just need to replace the power ranger outfit with some of them burberry leathers. Sweet.

Looks sweet, what ya got to do to her??

Doesnt really need for much, gonna do a few trackdays or hoons to shake her down and then work out what to do.

But to get her road legal I need to put some endurance style headlights on, then indicators and back/brake light/numberplate etc. Battery could use a refresh I believe…

So not a huge amount, and I have not got a lot of cash left over either :slight_smile:

Nice one mate!

A good choice!


Nice choice Ian :slight_smile:

should we just rename this site gixxers r us? i think i must be one of the last to convert from present honda to suzuki

Nice mate looks lovely :smiley: you gona hold onto the Kwak?

Might save you a few quid, you are not legally required to have indicators on your bike. However, once fitted it is a legal requirement that they work properly. But on the other hand if some cager smashes into you the hospital bills could be alot more so prob best to invest in some.

thought it got nicked?

Wish I had :frowning: Chop is right…Good about the indicators, might put them on tho just to be safe…

Ah that would explain it, I just thought he was larging it up during the recession. Sorry to hear that Elad didnt realise about the Kwak, cracking replacement though.

nice one ian! :smiley: looks really nice

you doing cadwell on 7th and 8th? :wink:

Good news on the purchase!

congrats m8:) see you on the bcr soon