Another R1-Newbie

Hi, just thought I would introduce myself.

First time I have used a forum, but got put onto it after I met Da Artist and his mate.

Currently got an 06 Midnight Black R1 having traded in my 9 month old Blade. Prefer the R1 riding position, no strain in my wrists at all. Still running it in at the mo, but should have had it’s first service in about a week.

Riding for 6.5 years all year round, had seven bikes. Blade and R1 obviously the best.

Keeping it upright



Welcome to LB

Welcome to LB, have lots of fun. Don’t think you’ll need any protection from Da newbie-stick-wielding Artist seeing as he got you on here in the first place, so just welcome, without the arnica cream.

You’re not about 21/22, are you? :wink:
Welcome to LB.
And do not worry about the stick. They poke like girls around here. I didn’t feel a thing myself…

Welcome…Got an R1 myself…Enjoy

Hey Stealth, welcome to LB! Nice ride, have you got a real-world pic of it? Hope to see you at our meets and ride-outs soon!

Hey welcome along mate! Don’t let Blade know if you’re under 30 dude… she’ll come and get you :wink:


And not in a good way

Understandable though with these thieving c***s all around us.

I know YOU didnt mean anything but a joke, with that post Matt? but dont u think its a tad, NOT called for? of all people?..taking da piss? out of moi for a post about our friend Andreas bike theft? now now…for the record AGAIN… i dont have and never have had a problem with legit bikers now let it rest with the under 21’s !!!

Saying that…i would have done same had it been YOU !!! so …whatever !!!

…just a bit of gentle ribbing blade :slight_smile: THink nice thoughts :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the LBs


Welcome to LB

poke poke n smack with the newbis stick

Ahhhhh I just realised who you are its YOU… stop telling people I told you to join LB you’ll give me a bad name

How’s the R1 and YBR125CC going?

Hey you

welcome to LB!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



Yes it’s me, R1 and YBR125CC for the wife. R1 is the dogs danglies !

Real pic to follow when I clean it.

Post the picx up in the members gallery, its nice to have you with us your a vey cool guy

Read your life history on your broken leg and rebuild. Is it finished yet and hows your leg?

welcome newbee

welcome to the site, ahh black is the best colour!!