Another quick intro

Hi everyone, have been enjoying the forum for a few weeks and thought I’d take the plunge and finally say hi.

I’ve been riding for more years that I care to mention, currently on a Blackbird, which I love.

Hope to be able to join in the banter, maybe meet up for the odd ride out or cuppa at Ace at some stage.

Cheers for now.

Hi there and welcome. The Ace Cafe newbie night is a good one, first Monday evening of each month

Hello and welcome

Hi welcome to LB:D

from another Birdman:P

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome To LB

And us BB riders are growing in number on here :slight_smile:

Have any pics of your bird…

Thanks very much for the welcomes, will certainly get up to the Ace one newbie night and get the brews in. No pics to hand at right now but will put one up when I can (it’s red, pretty standard!)

It Will Be Good To See You And Welcome You Have Fun

hello and welcome


welcome aboard :smiley: