Another praise for OMC

Had to pop in today to get some sort of fix on the rear brake pedal as it snapped off during my last ‘adventure’… Having already done the same once before I wasn’t sure if it could be fixed but was soon put at ease. Went during lunch and Simon got the drill out and within minutes my pedal was fully operational again… Who’d have thought that in a place you’re supposed to do work yourself, the guys there are so willing to help out? I mean Simon could have just given me the drill but chances are I would have drilled through the swingarm. Everything was done leisurely, no rush and I was back at work within the hour so the boss was happy… :smiley:

Works just fine now though I have to get used to the shorter lever it has… :smiley:

And thanks for the gaffa tape to hold those fairing bits together until I can come back and get it properly done!

Did I mention the cost? Well it’s not really worth mentioning… :slight_smile: