Another Outlook Question....

I had an e-mail September time that I deleted but I know it was sent to me and has some very important info in.

Can I retreive it even though I deleted it or do I have to get my IT department to get it back for me?

I know who it was from, a rough date and what was attached.

Thanks my LB lovers x


It will depend on a number of things really.

1:) Is it still in the Deleted Items Folder?
If so - Done.
If Not Will depend on how you connect to the mail server.
2:) Do you have webmail access?
If so - Check it.

If not - talk to your techies.



Have a google for recover deleted items.

If the option above is greyed out try this;en-us;246153

If you have to contact IT, take the rolled eyes and tuts you deserve like a man and be nice, or the random delete punishment fairy might pay you a visit.

First of all try this:

Selected your deleted items folder. Now click on Tools and an option called ‘Recover Deleted items’ should have appeared… Click on this and it will start finding emails that were long gone

Edit: woops just saw duncmac’s link was pretty much the same thing… :slight_smile:

That is also time limited, it is usually set to 30 or 60 days. If it is not in your deleted items, then it will have to be recovered from tapes. Not a simple task, and to be honest unless it is business critical then the request is likely to be refused.

It’s bound to be refused because no-one likes to do a restore
However, it it’s windeez running backup exec, then it’s a piece of pish…