Another Old Newbie

Hi, Hello, How are ya?

Old, ancient, decrepit, grey-bearded, insane, bike-mad lunatic.

Hail to y’all from The Land O’ Roundabouts ; Hope to meet y’all at the next newbie meet at the Ace Café.

Welcome to the site fella, make yourself feel at home. Mines a JD and coke

Hey Toast, welcome to LB! Coming to the Christmas Party? Details in General Chat forums… What do you ride?

Hi and welcome to LBs, hope to meet you at the next meet at the Ace


Cheers for the greets, had eight bikes this year so far, NTV,CBR900RRW W650, K75, Bandit6, CBR600 Div9, K100RS…

Blade (my second) was the favourite. After a cheap '90 EXUP at the moment…

Currently borrowing my partner’s ‘spare’ bike, the Bandit6 I passed onto her, while ‘between bikes’

Welcome Toast - hope to see you soon at one of the meets.

hello and welcome newbee

Lusty, we know all about you and toast

Toast, warm welcome mate

Hail to y’all from The Land O’ Roundabouts???

Where u from milton keynes?


Indeed - none other than Buckinghamshire’s finest race track…the perfect enviroment for polishing your footpegs…

Hello and welcome, pull up your chair and join the fun. Mines a gin and bitter lemon please…

hey toast, iam also from mk…


Yeah, is this place a hoot to live in or what? Race-track roads, very, very few traffic lights, no ‘pole’ speed cameras, forward-facing vans, ok, a few unmarked cars, but you’ve got all the twisties out though Aylesbury, Amersham, Wycombe, or Thame towards Oxford to play on too…

Raising my virtual J20 to you all, thanks for the welcome one ‘n’ all

It’s stunning up that way - I’m in St Albans and take every opertunity I can to blast out that way… it’s very cool.


welcome to the site! hope to see you soon!!

Welcome to LB, come down to the Ace on 4/12 for the newbie meet

Poke poke with da newbie stick

Enjoy the site
Da Artist

Sorry peeps welcoming pokes with da newbie stick have been a lil slow lately
Weaver - Left, AbbeyJ - Is busy & Da Artist just got his bike back and would rather be ridin!

But im getting there!