Another nutty newbie

Hey everyone im Hazel I have been sneaking around Londonbikes for a couple of weeks & as its one of the best sites around I felt it only right to introduce myself.

I have been riding around on an adorable Honda CBR 125 for just over a year now but early last month I passed me DAS and upgraded to a bigger toy you can now catch me buzzing around town on my new CBR 400.
I have heard the Cubana is a good place to have a laugh so maybe I will see you all down there sometime.

Hi and welcome to the LBs, you should have come to the Ace last night and met us all. Well done on the DAS.


Welcome to LB Hazel

I missed last night too, but never mind … poke poke n SlaP with the newbie stick

Hiya Hazel, congrats on the DAS. Show us the CBR then…post a picture or two.

Get yourself out on a rideout sometime soon; check out Flats rideout to Portsmouth on the 8th (see rideouts section) or AbbeyJ has her ladies night out on the 13th up in town.

Keep it rubber side down.


Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Welcome Hazel, love to see more girlies! Hope to see you on the ladies night out

Hello Hazel, welcome to LB! Congrats for passing your test. Do come down to Cubana tomorrow night to meet the boys and girls. Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures forum for us!

Howdy!!! another member from essex! Welcome to LB and see you at one of the gatherings.

welcome to the fold

Welcome and congrats on passing the DAS

Hi hazel, welcome to LB…

Hello Hazel - welcome!

AJ hope you’re enjoy your holiday! That must be a long stick!

welcome Hazel

Hazel, a very warm welcome