Another Newbie

Hello,My name’s Dave and I own a BMW R1200s. I know it sounds boring but it can play! I live near Heathrow and am looking to join in on some rideouts. My last playmate has sold his bike as he is having baby. Hopefully I’ll see some of you soon.

DaveHere is pic. Also forgot to buy you all a pint. Here you go!Dave

hi mate welcome to LB, check out the rideout section.

welcome to lb

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB:)

Ello and welcome, Hayes girl here :smiley:

Have added pic to my original post. Not all BM riders are tossers by the way!!


Depends on who you’re asking !! :stuck_out_tongue:
Welcome to the madhouse matey.

Thanks for that Barry. See you soon.


Of course … won’t make it to the Ace tonight, enjoy, they’re a good bunch.

Hi and welcome :smiley: im too a newbie :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello mate,

We’re based in Ruislip and Hayes, so not too far from you if you fancy a ride! I’m keeping an eye on the ride out section too, but if you’re planning to get out and about give me a shout (no rhyme intended!) - always good to go out in numbers!


hello and welcome usually summat going on in the rideout section :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello, the cluster welcomes another nut!

I’m not far either, Ruislip.

hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome, see you out and about :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome

Seems to be quite a few people out this way. Any rides on the go let me know. I do shift work so availabe at odd time.