Another newbie


I’m Jim, 27 and from Scarborough up there in Yorkshire.

I finally passed the DAS test in September this year. I’ve been commuting daily from Wimbledon to Gravesend on the A2 in Kent ever since on my 2000 model 600 Bandit. 4000 miles later, with one working heated grip, one minor spill outside Tooting Broadway tube station and I’m loving riding more than I have ever.

Must admit though, its much more fun when you have the right gear, having just traded in my ebay biking gear that didnt fit to some lovely new waterproof Frank Thomas textiles that zip together.

My bike is a black 600 unfaired bandit with a loud Venom exhaust that was already fitted when I bought it. Apart from that its standard apart from a couple of taped on indicators and luckily an engine crash bar.

I might have met a couple of you already. I have been to a couple of Wednesday meets that I had heard about.

Nice to be on the forum finally.

Look forward to getting out a bit more soon.


woo another bandit :smiley: hi mate and welcome

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello and welcome

Oh no not another Bandit! Welcome:D

common as muck those bandits :slight_smile:

welcome to Lb mate :smiley:

Hi there and welcome!!! :D:D

Welcome aboard, dude! :slight_smile:

Hello mate! :slight_smile: