Another Newbie!


As I have been a visitor and avid reader of the site for so long, thought that I should better join!

'fraid that I am one of the many commuters that come in from NW London daily into Holborn. I even get quite a few remarks when the find out that I’m a girlie though, especially from Northerners!

I am a regular visitor at the Ace, especially on a Sunday morning for breakfast.


Welcome to the site, chick! What do you ride? :slight_smile:

hello my dear and welcome, nowt wrong with commuting, we all do it at some stage…:smiley:

Hello, Splendid to have you on board.

welcome to oddball land :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

I have - was going to say ride, but could be misconstrued - a Kawasaki ER6F.

Good choice,makes a change from SV650’s:D

Hi and Welcome to LB.

Nice choice of Bike!

SV650, yep don’t think so, the older version, too heavy, can’t take it off a side stand, and horrible colours!

big hiya from me… (fellow kawasaki rider!!!)

welcome to LB

Hello, good evening, and welcome. :smiley:

Welcome aboard :cool:


Hello & welcome :smiley:

welcome to LB 0

welcome to LB:)

+1 - they are everywhere these days! :wink:

Welcome to the madhouse, mines a tea next time you’re at the Ace! :smiley: