Another newbie


With any luck I’ll be doing my DAS course in July - so I thought I’d do a bit of reading and research beforehand.

I’m glad I found this site - you all seem like a splendid bunch! And there are lots of fellow South-East Londoners, too!


Did my DAS in March and it was brilliant, having only started riding bikes in January. Now the very smiley owner of Triumph Street Triple.



Welcome to LB.

Good luck with your DAS - only lord knows how I passed :hehe:


I did a similar thing, joined before even riding.

LB and it’s membership have helped me a lot along the way, I hope you find it the same.

Good luck with the DAS.

What a great welcome - thanks, everyone!

I’ll let you all know how it goes. I’m going to book it with Metropolis in Vauxhall (though after reading some of the posts on here, I don’t think I’ll be buying a bike from them).


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome

Welcome to the madhouse 5150, from another SE Londoner! :smiley:

Good Afternoon and Welcome :slight_smile:

I’m still relatively new on here, spent a couple of wks on here before actually doing my DAS - have been riding for a total of 25 days now! Found the advice everyone gave me in the lead up to my DAS extremely useful, and yes, your right, great bunch of people on here.


Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi and Welcome

Welcome to LB and good luck with your DAS.

Cheers, everyone!

Maybe once I’m all up and running we could do a South-East London ride out somewhere? I need to put the miles in! :slight_smile:

hi and welcome

Welcome, what part of SE are you from?, make sure you look and ask for advice, some of these bikers have some serious experience and knowledge, others no nothing. (Thats me).


I’m in Greenwich - so the tea hut is only a few minutes away. :slight_smile: Where abouts are you, Gsxrcpfc?

I’ll be asking a good many questions, I’m sure. At the moment I’m working through the mock exams on my theory test DVD!

I reckon I’ll end up on a CBR600F - from what I’ve read, it’s a great beginner bike, and not too pricey for a '99/'00 model…

Sorry for carrying this thread on endlessly, by the way - I thought it’d be better than starting loads of other ones on the other forums!


Passed my DAS end of April. Straight onto the ZX6R it was for me.

Just done a 150 miler with a rideout with members off here from Dunstable Downs to Bedford and other areas Sunday just gone.

Good luck with your test

How do you reach the brake and gears!?

Edit: Sorry, that was a little rude! Pleased to meet you too. :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure how to approach rideouts - I’m thinking short ones to start off, but more of them…

Are there any plans for newbie confidence-building outings over the summer?