Another Newbie..

Im new to this site, so would like to say hi to all and looking forward to a ride out soon from the Ace Cafe of which ive heard so much about! My cousin is on here so will bring myself along with him to a ride out soon. :slight_smile:

Not new to riding though so dont worry about me keeping up, but have just got myself a new bike, a lovely bright green 636, which is my 4th bike in my few years riding.

Cousin got a beaut TT edition GSXR600, dark blue and black!

Looking forward to meeting up and chatting to all? Cheers!:slight_smile:

Hey cuz welcome to LB, look after him guys and gals.

Hi and welcome aboard.

one ninja to another :wink:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Welcome aboard :wink:

Hello mate, welcome … I don’t suppose your cousin is Ian ?

EDIT: OK, ignore that … I noticed he posted right underneath you! lol

Yeah its ian.

welcome, nice bike!

Welcome to London Bikers, you should come along to the trackday on the 29th, feels like a great opportunity to meet new faces.

Welcome mate, nice bike, see you around


hiya and welcome!:slight_smile: