Another newbie

Hi all. :w00t:

Newbie to London bikers and newbie to biking. Got mine in September. Still very excited about two-wheeled travel.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Welcome Headless Man:)

Yes. Thought that the bike was somewhat more attractive than my face. Even in lime green…

You have a lime green face?:w00t:

No missing you at the Ace then;):smiley:

Yep. Bright lime green…got a bike to match it.

even in lime green?? its the best colour for bikes …apart from red

hello, nice bike:)

Ahhhh welcome, i see you got your bike from north city too

I did indeed Curtis. Nice wee place I thought. They made me tea at any rate. Far more pleasant experience than buying a car I found. I saw your pic on another thread and though it looked like north city. How’s the Daytona then? Have you had a go on the street triple? Lovely bikes in there. Had a go on a scrambler the other day (courtesy bike during mine’s first services) - great fun it was.

Thank you fishface. I rather like the lime green actually.

nah i haven’t p’haps we can have a lil go on each others :D, yea the team are brill sown there, u going on the rideout in march??

The Sunday 16th one? The “Visit the Queen” one to Norfolk? I might do. Not been on one yet - partly due to either work or other commitments, partly due to the fear of looking too hopeless or slowing people up, and partly because I don’t think they had many over Christmas. But I might give that one a whorl. I’ll stick it in the diary anyway. Usually fun?

That should have read - like the lime green too actually. Wasn’t meant to be a sarcastic response;)

yea i only been on 1 and it was a good laugh, i wouldn’t worry about ur pace they aint silly speed rideouts and practise makes perfect

I’ll try to make it then. Could do with some open road time on the bike.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB dude! Always good to have another Triple rider on board :smiley: :w00t:

Sorry think you’ll find that is black!

welcome limey!

I was going to paint my bike black but they run outa paint, seems every other fecker doz it :smiley: you gota think outside the box Rocker ;):DOh yeh and Welcome to LB mate :slight_smile: