Another Newbie

Hello from Orpington. Recently discovered this site and wish I had earlier. Discovered the joys of biking only 2 and half years ago. Passed my Direct Access in 2 and half days. Picked up my first and only bike at the end of March 2005. Rode to Moto GP at Le Mans six weeks later. Furthest I had ridden was 25 miles then did 780 miles in the one weekend. Never looked back apart from first scrape in June 2005. Steep learning curve.

Commute to the city everyday hoping to get to Borough Market in the next couple of weeks.

Follow MotoGP, WSB, BSB and AMA.

I ride a gorgeous yellow virtual stock Suzuki SV650s.


Welcome aboard, nice bike!

Hiya, Welcome to LB. Hope to see you at one of the meets soon.

Come to our newbie night on the 3rd september at the ace cafe.

Meet alot of new peolpe.

Take care till then

Welcome aboard fella! Nice biking introduction, you’re lucky, you got out!

Russellref… Thanks for joining, and welcome to LB fella…

Welcome to the mad house :stuck_out_tongue:


hey welcome and hello! :smiley:

Hi, cool bike.

Im in Greenwich, not far from you, there is a small crowd round here doing ride outs etc if you are up for it.

Might see you at Blackheath tea hut on a Friday night.


Nice one…Like the ‘dropped in at the deep end’ approach.

Welcome…Get down to Borough Market on Wednesdays when you can.