Another Newbie

Hi People,

My round, a virtual bottle of evian for you all!

My names Goose (dont ask why!)

I am from West London, but now live in Kent, no bike pics as my girlfriend made me sell my pride and joy in December, (should of sold a kidney instead) but I am intending on buying a gixxer 1000 in a few days, hope I can hide it from her!

Anyone have a Black K3 1000 or a Black 2002 or later Honda Fireblade for sale for around £4000 let me know! I am also interested in unique/rare/custom colours, please no blue and white! lol

I also am a member of one of the larget bike clubs in the world, Ruff Ryders and my main reason for joining this site is so that I can be aware of events for our members to attend as well as inviting you guys to some of ours, we have ride outs to Amsterdam and South of France coming up soon!

We also wish to especially attend and hold charity ride outs, we held one last year and turn out was poor after we were let down by some other bike clubs who promised to attend, but we managed to do what we set out to do, which was to raise awareness for Keiton Knight (, I have put some video footage in the video section.

I hope to meet you guys and girls as soon as I get my next bike, as long as the missus hasnt killed me for buying one.

Hi and welcome aboard mate.


If you don’t respond, I’ll assume the missus took you out (as in…BAM)

WOW what a name !


Welcome to LB and do let us know of events your having. In fact, you can add yours to our events calender by sending the host ‘Ginger’ a pm. You can look him up in the members list.

Welcome to the mad house !



Thanks everyone, I will do SheWoolf.

I am going to pay a deposit tomorrow on a nice black K3 Gixxer thou, so I am definitely riding to Amsterdam in April!

Once I have confirmed all the details I will contact Ginger.

Hope to ride to ride with you all soon, I should be picking up the bike in March as I have to pay it off in a couple of installments, makes it easier to hide from the girlfriend!


Will look out for your events - good luck with the bike

Thanks Grimbusa,

It was between that and a Busa, I see you have one, how would you compare it other bikes?

Im still open to swaying, the deposits not paid yet!

I live in Kent and ride around here a lot, but I am from London originally and our other members are from London as well as across Europe, so I do a fair bit of motorway riding, so I thought the busa would be great for that, but I also ride in London a lot and thought that perhaps the busa is not the one for filtering and congested London streets, whats your opinion?

Also when i ride in London with my mates we really do ride quite hard, and filter a lot.

Do you prefer the Busa over the Gsxr1000? Apparently the power is almost identical, althought the busa has a higher top end speed.

welcome to lb.

Hello and welcome…

Hi and welcome

welcome to the site goose…


Welcome to LB