Another Newbie!


Hope you are all ok. I’m 23 and live in Honor Oak, South East london. By day I’m a legal secretary and by night I’m a happy chick on her CBR125RR. I have two Jack Russell Puppies called Odie and Jack.

welcome, I grew up in Ladywell, parents are still there … I’m new here as well and they seem like a nice bunch … stay safe out there … Dibs

Welcome to the mad house

Thanks - it’s all good baby

Welcome to LB

hey ya.,…

another cbr125 owner… thats five of us now…


welcome to LB…


oh and poke poke with the newbie stick…

Yay! what colour is yours?

Thanks for the poke!

Greetings and welcome to LB. Try and get to the Cubana meet on a Wednesday and introduce yourself in person, we don’t bite, well not often.

I will have to try and come next week - I can’t do tomorrow, thanks for the welcome wishes x x

i have the red one - those repsol ones are cool though…

Hey sincere, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures & Video forum if you haven’t already! Hope to see you at Cubana some time, enjoy…

Hiya … always good to have more Ladies join

A big welcome to LB, they are all a right top bunch and you’ll enjoy it here. There are a load of us that live in SE London. Enjoy.


Sincere… Welcome to LB girl…

hiya!!! first things first luv…WELCOME!!!

nice to meet ya and good on ya for joining up with a luvley bunch of blokes and girlies…

a few of us meet up on weds night as you probabley know and also on friday nights at chelsie bridge…frith st…then some of us settle down at leister square to watch the world go bye…its a right laugh and you’ll luv every min of it…bet-cha!!!

the girlies are fantastic…a good laugh…as the blokies are as genuine and as good hearted ppl you’ll find anywere…promise…

this forum is alittle bit diffrent than the rest of em…we meet up regulary and welcome any new members with open arms what ever you ride…whatever you look like and were ever you are…so please dont be shy and let us all shake your hand, poke you with the newbie stick, and get to know you…ohh bye the way…you’ve just made a thousand mates…lololol

if ya need to know were we hang out and how to get there…give me a pm mate…i live in catford and can show you the routes…

have a good one!!!


hello Sin

ermm and welcome congrats on finding LB, top site and people.



Hiya Sin,

Welcome from a fellow Newbie who will be on his way to the first Cubana meet tonight! Have met some of the guy’s and gals on Firith st in Soho on a friday and what they say is true they are all a friendly bunch.

Enjoy being part of the community

Welcome to LB! Hope to see you at the Cubanas

Hi Hun…welcome to LB…AND DONT FORGET YOUR ENGLAND SHIRT …Cezar says everyone should wear one at Cubana…

I haven’t a england shirt but i do have one of BabyJ’s mini St. G flags? does that count??

Mini england Flags - They count and are the new black this season…

Welcome to LB!

2 Jack Russells - That’s as mad as a box of frogs