Another newbie...

Hi all

Yep, you have another newbie that’s just joined your forum!

I’ve been looking at various forums on the web, and have only found this one to be either relevant, or based in\around London.

I live in between Ilford and Romford, and have been biking for 5 years – and I’m only 25 . I’m the only “mad one” in my family who has (guts) to ride a bike, and I ride every day to work (Canary Wharf) and LOVE IT!

I’ve only recently (7 months ago) got another bike, as I had to sell my old Kawasaki (1996) GPZ500s to finance my around the world trips!!

But I’m pleased to say that I’m back on 2 wheels with my R6, year 2000 model. Although it’s just started playing up with the common 2nd gear slippage

I’ve not done any “bike meets” yet, but have plans to do so in the future. So please let me know where and when they are coming up. During the week is hard for me, as I don’t finish work until late each night…. L well, I have to pay for my toys somehow!

The only one that I’ve booked myself for is the BMF show in Kelso (Scotland) with a few friends, so I might see some of you there?

Well, that’s all for now, from me, to you, good night!

Hey Fast Biker, welcome to LB! We have the Cubana/Waterloo meet every Wednesday evenings until late, and then on Friday people have a big bike night at three venues; Ace Cafe/Chelsea Bridge and Soho.

Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum so we can recognise you!

Waterloo Meet:

welcome mate good forum. You obviously have taste as youve chosen the best

Hi ya

welcome to LB…

Another east londoner… I used to commute into the wharf as well but moved so my baby only gets to play weekends…



Welcome to LB mate, the best London forum by far.

Hello and welcome…

welcome to LB my friend

Jay : Thanks for the welcome message. As soon as I get my arse in gear (might be tonight) I’ll post up some pictures of me and a toy .

Do people meet up at Ace Cafe/Chelsea Bridge and Soho every Friday, or the first\last Friday of every month?

Sorry to say that (due to work ) I won’t be able to make it to the Cubana tonight or next week, but I am hoping to change shift to make it the week after (3rd May)

AbbeyJ : Another eastender! Reading the forum, sounds like there is a few of us….

Weaver : High Beech? Yeah that sounds cool. Where (exactly) and when do you meet up?

I’ve been told that the “old bill” usually pass by to tug a few bikers for fun. Do you get much trouble from them or is it just a nasty rumor?

Everyone Else : Thanks for the warm welcome. And I hope to see you soon? Fingers crossed the gearbox don’t pack up first!!!

Whats really good Fast bike

People go out every Friday fella. See you out and about…