another newbie

Hi everyone.

another newbie here, been around for a while but just decided bout time to sign up.

Too many forum items need to add my comments to.

Ya’wll might know me as Guy, or that tall skinny ugley bloke with the black n silver gsxr750 that turns up in his van sometimes.

Will post a piccy/avatar thingy when I can suss out how.

Hello and welcome. Stick a piccy of your bike in the members gallery in the pics and vids section - tis an LB must. Enjoy

Welcome to the site

Hey Guy,

Long time now see. Are you getting the virtual drinks in?

Can i have a Bar Italia Latte please?


Welcome. You’ll know the drill by now so I’ll just lounge here and await my 1664.

today I’ll be drinking mostly Guinness!!

Hi puppy

This forum has a big problem … there are lot of people posting here , so you write a new topic and runs three pages in a little time .


Hey … welcome Puppy! & enjoy!

Gidday, welcome aboard.

Hi Welcome…

Hey! Welcome to LB mate… Enjoy it here!


Welcome Puppy !

So what do you reckon over the gixxer 750 vs gixxer 1000 argument ?

whats better in you opinion

Welcome Guy (would that be Guy, my Hero?)!

Mine’s a, still can’t make my mind up here, so I’ll push the boat out and have a nice espresso from Bar Italia. With a babà, if they’ve started to make those again!

Hello and Wellcome Guy i’ll have a vodka Mate Cheers

Blimey charlie!!!

better bring the bigger of my fat wallets to frith this friday, drinks all round then.

Yes Paivi, I am scooter repair man he he.

No contest on gixxer size question, the new 1000 is da mutz nutz. My old 750 is still a sweet baby

tho but she do look a bit tired now. When i can sell a kidney a new 06 will be in my garage???

Hi Puppy… Welcome to LB… Hope you enjoy!!!

Hey Guy, welcome. Nice choice of name…hope to see you on Friday.


Hey Guy, welcome to LB at last! Nice one for helping Paivi out the other night, and hope that the warden didn’t give you any trouble!

Guy my friend, you were missing here! Nice to see you as last!

Easy Dude. Another 1664 over here in the corner ta ; )