another newbie xv1600

Hi all, just wanted to say Hi, I’m new here , met a few of you last Friday night at the Ace Cafe,


hey there,

welcome to LB>>>

poke poke with our newbie stick…


can i have a glass of red please???

Welcome and hello. Mine is a virtual pint please.

Hey Ian, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures & Video forum! Hope to see you at our Cubana meet…

Thanks for the welcome Abbey

is that a pint of red?

Hi londondrz

thanks for the Welcome

Pints on its way

if i ever manage to drink a pint of red - i think i’ll be drunk for days…

Hi Jay

thanks for the welcome

2 questions

1 how do I post a pic

2 can you tell me how to get to the cubana meet form Chingford?


number 1 sorted

welcome to Lb, I be at cubana myself see you then

Hi Samantha

thanks for the welcome

hope to meet you at the cubana on Wednesday

Bloody Hell Weaver, drinking on a school night!!!

Hi Weaver

thanks for the welcome

I live in Chingford

I go to High beach quiet a lot , maybe see you up there one sunday

where do you live then ?

Helllo and welcome

hi ian,

i met you at the ace on fri, hope to see you on wednesday!

I remember you too

ianxv1600… Hello and welcome to LB fella…

lady P, Foxy, Adam, Flatout

thanks for the welcome, maybe see you tonight at the cabana