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hi all, just browsing around and came accross this site, looks very informative. my name is Guillermo, and live in Florida. I ride an 03 gsxr 600, the alstare edition. one question that i would appreciate some help on, here in the U.S. the t.v. coverage for motorcycle racing sucks. It’s all about nascar which i can’t stand, we have one channel. the speed channel and if we are lucky we get an hour on sunday to watch motogp or the world superbike races. we have the ama also, but the t.v. coverage sucks also. I know that motorcycle racing is very big around the world, just not here, and wanted to know what local channels in London carry the races. I can get satellite t.v. and get that channel so i can watch my races!! thanks

Welcome to Londonbikers Oscar…take a look at the top of the pages here and you,ll see the TV Listings Tab !!

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Welcome aboard! You live in a very nice part of the world for riding, eh! Oh to have so much sunshine and great weather

Eurosport and Men & Motors are the two main racing channels. M&M turns to soft porn pretty much in the late evening, but during the day and weekends it’s all about racing Eurosport carries WSB and MotoGP. That’d be cool if you can pick it up, though you might have trouble, I’m not sure if they’re freely available to just anyone.


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thanks all for the friendly welcome, sorry i didn’t realize the tabs on the top of the page with the t.v. listings. i called some satellite provider and they claim to have all channels from other countries, they don’t carry local u.s. channels. i will see if they have them channels. really the weather here is HOT HOT HOT!! i try not to ride during the day, i will melt. i’ll ride either during the mornings or at night, now we have hurricanes comming!! how is the weather there? i have never been to that side of the world, but would if i had the chance. I watched clips of that show britain’s got talent here and that opera singer who sold cell phones was good. did he win? that simon cowel must be a rich man doing all them shows.

so hows it riding there? is there some good roads to ride there, must be awsome there. you guys ride on the opposite side of the street than we do here right? thats gotta be weird trying that for the first time, i’d probably crash.