Another newbie...seems like the thing to do

Hello all, been lurking around the site for the past couple of months but joining always seems so daunting when everyone knows each other. Anyway, finally got round to joining up and thought I’d post and offer to buy a virtual round.

Anyway, name’s Andy, 29yr old IT geek living (for now) in central London. Ride an Aprilia Factory (little picture to left, bigger one in members bike gallery) but don’t get out often enough due to work I’ll keep an eye out for group rides/meetups etc soon.

tata for now…

Another IT geek…

Jay time for you to open a geek forum… lol

Hiya & welcome to a great site!

Hi there, also new and thats a very nice bike

hiya cool looking bike

Hey Rollo, welcome to LB! What sort of IT work do you do? Great bike, checking out the members gallery now. Don’t have any concerns about not knowing anyone, that’s the great thing about the London biking community, everyone is friendly enough and it doesn’t take long to find like-minded folk…

Welcome to LB mate! Nice bike

Welcome to LB. Don’t worry, we don’t actually all know each other but come have some banter on here with the rest of us and join the family.

“It’s a virtual world where every body knows your name” (sung to the Neighbour’s soundtrack).

Hello, welcome and I’ll have a double SC as it comes plead.

The best thing about this forum? Seems to me that when you do finally meet people, they are exactly how you imagined them after reading their posts. I think that’s good, no bullsh1tters, no pompous asses (well not many) and a core of real honest bikers.

Now, did Jay mention the subscription of £30, made payable to Andrew Harbron address …

Hello and welcome to LB

the £30 goes to Andrew and I have to ride your bike for inspection

I was going to say I’m not an IT geek, but seeing as I sit infront of a computer all day, then I suppose I’ll have to admit I am

Yo yo m8 you will have a good one on here welcome nice bike

Good evening and welcome! I’d have a Baileys if I hadn’t been told to avoid absolutely anything I like.

Thanks for the welcome folks

Bit off topic but Jay did ask what line of IT so everyone else can ignore this…

I work for an energy trading company and head up the front office support and development team. We deal with VB, Excel VBA, Java, VB.NET, ASP, COM+, XML etc. as well as the support of third-party systems that our traders use. It’s OK; stressful and long hours but pays for toys and beer. How about you?



Rollo, sounds good, hope the trade stays good… I’m a MS .net developer by trade for a Digital TV firm, keeps me happy and leaves enough time to build the LB empire.

Hi ya Andy, welcome to LB.

Nice bike m8, am toying with the idea of up grading mine to a factory , whats it like to ride?

Ooooooooooooohhhh what a luvly bike.

Welcome to LB mate, enjoy!