Another newbie reporting in!

Scalyback (a newbie) signing in for the first time. I am a bit old and smell of wee, have trouble with some of the more gucci aspects of net use and so, if I get this wrong, please forgive me! I ride a Trophy 1200 in British Racing Green (is there any other colour?) that has taken me as far as Poland and and the Czech republic at the farthest but more routinely toil up and down the M3 and A303. Looking forward to meeting up with other born agains and tell impossible stories.


Bit Old and Smell of Wee !!

Yeah errrrrrr…“Welcome”…you can stand at the back !!

Smiled will hold ya hand seeing you share the same taste in Avitars

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB

welcome to LB!!

Welcome to LB

welcome to lb

hiya n a big welcome

Welcome to LB !

hi and welcome