Another newb

Another new member to the site I’m 39 live in thurrock I ride a GSX1400 as my commuter bike in and out of london and a MV Agusta 910 Brutale for fun hope to meet up with a few of you at the Ace or Box

welcome to the site

Hi Mate,

Welcome, dont forget to check out the St Georges Day Rideout, its posted in the Rideouts Forum, Its looking Healthy with a lot of responce.


Welcome to LB, ozbound! Now, is that Oz as in Australia (slightly south west of London, IIRC (if I remember correctly, Flattie) or the land of Oz (our Kansas member, Greg, can give you the exact coordinates, I believe).

Anybody who rides an MV Agusta 910 Brutale is a friend of mine, btw…

Hiya matey.

Welcome to the madhouse.

mines a pint of methanol please. hehehe.

You’ll enjoy it here, we got some real loons. Get yourself on the st george day ride out, is gonna be a good un.

Hey OzBound, welcome to LB. You’re at least the second Brutale member if I’m not mistaken. Post up pictures of your bikes in the Pictures & Video forums!

welcome to LB mate, where everybody knows your name, and there always glad you came…

Thanks for the welcome

Nah i’m not from Oz it’s just when i go on holiday thats normally my destination

I will check my diary re the St Georges day ride as i do shift work

Welcome mate! I seriously fancy a Gixxer 1400! great bike… oh, the MV is nice too… lol

Ozbound… Welcome to the site mate…

Welcome to Londonbikers mate.

Hello there!!


OZbound is better then egg bound.

Welcome dude

Hi and welcome.

Hi ozbound.

Welcome and make your self comfy. Join in, contribute and have fun! Easy eh. Oh, and keep the 'ped rubber side down.

I’m the local neighbourhood watch so any probs with any content or member please get in touch via the PM or EMail buttons.

Hi ya Ozbound, Welcome to our world that is LB
If you can come on the St Georges day ride, let me know and i will put your name on the list, try and come, the more the merrier, also meet a load of good guys n gals