Another New Speed Camera

Just spotted another new speed camera today on the way home. The camera is on Hammersmith Road at the junction of Rowan Road facing eastbound. It’s about 100 yards along from the exit on Hammersmith roundabout.

The camera’s still got the wrapper on! but I’m sure it’ll be fired up soon.

Fired up? Sure that can be arranged. Anyone seen a nice tyre and some diesel?

Cheers for the heads up.

Ha ha Very tempting!!

Thanks for the headsup Rusty, I’m in Hammersmith a lot.

Thank Rusty… Have to keep my eyes open for that one!!!

It’s a plot the boxes are realy Cylon recon units (well there’s soooo fookin many of them) Thank for the info m8

Mmmm, Cylons. Loving the new Battlestar Galatica…

What like this?




I know that one, it’s the A20, no?

Yep, the locals hate it, its gone up in flames twice in the last 8 months. hehehe

It’s east facing. Looks like a Gatso, but a bit smaller!

2 new ones.

Texaco eastbound city road ec1

Clapham heading to the common opposite the old motorcycle shitty.