another new person

hi all. got a card at the unity 3 ride so thought id have a look and say hi :slight_smile: i ride an srad 750 that iv had about 7 months and b4 that i had a thundercat… i now live in essex (also on essexbikers under same name) but was born and raised in Bow so hope that counts. hope to see you soon.

Welcome to LB Boxer :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:)

welcome to LB


Welcome to LB, you’ll get on well with chunkymonkey as he’s got an SRAD too :P:D

Hi luvvie:D hows the leathers???

and what took you so long in joining up!:stuck_out_tongue:

G’day and welcome :slight_smile:

hi wasp… leathers are great but i defo need to diet, put on a bit of holiday padding and need to get it off for air ambulance ride.

Quick go for a run round the block in said leathers you’ll lose a few pounds in sweat!:smiley:

run…run… i aint done running since i was at school :smiley:

Welcome to LB