Another New One

Just thought I would say a big hello too everyone, not a new London rider but new too this site.

If anyone sees a Silver Aprilia Futura nipping from West Norwood too Liverpool Street please give me a flash (of your lights ONLY Please lol!) Or just say hello at the lights!

Tall Paul

Welcome to LB m8.

Glad to see your bike’s from a Quality Manufacture like mine.

Welcome to LB. - as you can tell; MilleMonster is good for a laugh…

Welcome to LB mate. Get yourself some LB stickers and attach to bike, then you will be easier to spot!

Cheers for the hello there, especially MilleMonster who I must say has amazingly good taste in his choice of bike manufacturer!

Tall Paul

Welcome Paul! I work 50 yards from Liv St station on Bishopsgate so will look out for you.

Well placed an order for some stickers as well now as i will be easier to say hi too, also will look for other people with stickers too.

Where you park up firestorm? I park on Sun Street

Tall Paul


Hello and welcome.

Hello Paul and welcome to LB! Tall, are you? Despite what MilleMonster says, my bike is still the best one on LB. It’s Italian…so every time I get home I check I’ve still got all my parts. I’ve definitely got some screws loose…

If I get the job I’m aiming for (once they get the go-ahead for the headcount increase), I’d be parking on Sun Street, too! Now, I’m in the dreary Canary Wharf: like a friend of mine said just today: “all the business style of the City with glam edited out…” LOL!