Another new Newbie for you :)

Hi all.

Been riding for a few years now but never really met up with many others to have a ride with. From what i’ve heard & seen this seems like a good place to start :smiley:

Hopefully catch up with you all sometime.

Take it easy out there!! :slight_smile:

Hi there n welcome, whereabouts u from mate? :smiley:

Tottenham :crying:

Moved back to North London in August after 3yrs in middle of nowhere (Croydon)

Hello and welcome:)

We now have 2 Bikerboys, this is gonna get confusing:D

welcome to the madness

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

I’m an ex-Croydon lad but live with my missus down in a little village in Kent now - according to her, Croydon is like the middle of London - we don’t haves no street lights n’ red buses down here :smiley:

Shocking, I’ve been doubled :w00t:

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

im sure theres a newbie meet going on soon and a ride out for members not used to riding in groups, might be an idea to tag along, will be a great experience and get u more confident in riding with large groups :slight_smile: im north london also btw so weeellcome :smiley:

Welcome :slight_smile:

How’s Tottenham these days? :cool:

Hello and welcome to LB.

hello and welcome:D

Well, lets just say i’ve not had any1 touch or attempt to steal any of my bikes in the 7.5yrs i’ve been riding. Then i move to Tottenham & some1 tampered with the stearing on my R1100S so when i turned the bars the bike went straight on almost sending me under a bus & a couple of months later it was stolen :angry:

Guess that gives you a clue :slight_smile:

But glad to be back in north london again back into civilization :smiley:

Sorry couldn’t make it to Noobie night last night, was still hung over from Saturday.

Hope to make it to the next 1 tho.

bet the NEW bikerboy dont ride a fuggin tractor tho :w00t::D:P

welcome matey :slight_smile:

Jealousy is such an ugly emotion and seems to suit you perfectly :w00t::hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

No change then :smiley:

Welcome to LB!