Another new member

Hi everyone, alot of you know me already I am the chick that goes west end on the blue zx12r, been meaning to join up, anyway got a new 12 as the blue one was more my husbands toy and I was hogging it too much. Ha Ha

2 ZX12Rs? That’s what you can call a speed-loving family

Welcome to the site!

Thanks, make that three Joe is on the black zx12 is my step dad!

Hiya and welcome!

Hello owner of sexy bike…

please do not look too far down on us unsexy bike owners…

my sence of humour make up for it…! What do you mean I have no sence of humour?


No zx12r black/ gold.

Hehehehe, that would be hell of a bike!

It’s a joke, 3 x 12 = ???

I only got one of my own as my husband would’nt let me keep his. I’v had loads of bikes but this is the ‘dogs’ for me! The bigger the better, know what I mean??

Welcome to the world of LB.

Hi & a warm welcome being a newie myself

Respect 2 u girl I’m not surprised ur well known riding a zx12r!

Boyfriend had 1 blue with flames" wow "did that accelerate even 2 up!!& what a sexy looking bike

hi samantha just got hear my self.Have fun

Welcome to LB haven’t seen ya both out for a while


Hi Sam,

Good to see you on the site hun


Hiya -that’s a very quick bike you have there!

Welcome - hope to see you soon.

Hey Samanthazx12r, nice bike! … Can I join the family?

Welcome to LB - nice to see yet another Kwaka owner on here. Dont run to a 12 myself, I was bad enough on a 636 but I wrote that one off. Should be back on my trusty ZX7 soon.

Hey Samantha, nice to have you with LB! Enjoy it, and see you soon…

More K fans excellent.

Enjoy (at a safe speed of course )