Another new member

Afternoon people. Thought I’d join and stop the lurking so I’ll be getting the drinks at the bar for today.


Welcome from another BCFer, sort of! Mine’s a diet coke, no ice, slice of lime, please.

Welcome Sickpup

Alot better than BCF in here

Welcome Welcome Sickpup i’ll have vodka and coke Mate

Hey, welcome to LB fella, enjoy it…

Mine’s a Guinness … welcome & enjoy!!

Hello and welcome. Enjoy!

Welcome to LB. As I am not biking at the mo I shall have a large JD please. Enjoy the forum.

God I hope you wont do any stunt after that Ghostie!! Well, we never know, you may get even better eh? If that is possible

Welcome to the site Sickpup!

welcome Pup…I’ll have a sambuca…cheers

Hey! Welcome to the forum. Mines a Hennessy on the rocks… Pint of Vodka Ghostie


Hey there Sickpup Welcome to LB

Mines just a plain old boring Coke

Sickpup, Hello and welcome to LB… I’ll have a Baileys please… over ice…


Thanks for the welcome people.

can I sneak one in before the bar closes?

Large blue Smirnoff in empty glass TA!

Welcome, make yourself at home, and I hope the pup bit gets better!