Another new member...

Hi everyone,

Though it was bout time I said “hello”.

Some of you will know me, I’m on a little NC35 Westie (finally)!

Will sort out a photo 2moz.

See you guys soon…


hello laura and welcome.

Hello and welcome. Pic of the bike in the members gallery pls.

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Very cryptic…

Hi There Laura… At last youv’e got your cute ass in gear… Catch ya soon…

Hello there

I’m waiting for not-only-a-bike photo in a gallery then!

…and welcome! of course…

Hey Laura, good to have you on LB at last! Excited about the bike??

Hi Laura and welcome to the mad house piccys required

hey laura,

awesome bike and paint job, ive seen a few 400s with that paint work in bristol and @ the ace! Welcome!

Welcome! Enjoy the site!


Hello & welcome - nice wheels

Hello there. Nice bike lady. See you up the ace when I am riding again.

hi laura welcome to the best web site have fun with your lovey bike Honey

Hiya and welcome to the forum. Hope to see you at the Ace.

lol, I agree Ghostie…

Welcome to the forum, nice to see another lady on the site, enjoy


Hi everyone!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I’m sure I’ll see you all at the Ace and Frith on Friday, hopefully on Rhonda the Honda! Although she’s a bit sick so is off the road for a bit.

She is just a bit gorgeous though! Got her a couple of month ago and am loving be back on two wheels.

Catch u all soon!


Rhonda the honda??? Thats what my ex called my nsr…now its zuki the suzuki and my old car was rolf the golf.

How talented women are at naming things!

WooHoo hello bonjour etc… Laura is it? only recognise the bike (was with you on the ride up from Brighton after the Ace Anniversary thing) so good to put a name to those wheels.

Hope Rhonda gets well soon i.e. before the winter!