Another NEW lid

Now I normally don’t post photos of helmets as it can get a lil boring, but this one is Very Special
and as I have just brought the last one ever to be made I thought id share it :wink:

Its called an Arai Chikara and is a special edition titanium helmet first revealed at milan.

Top japanese helmet firm Arai celebrated the 20th anniversary of its european distributor by releasing a special edition of its range-topping RX-7 corsair lid.
The Chikara (japanese for strength and power) features a special titanium finish, a real titanium nameplate, special grey interior, lovely embroidered carrying bag, Arai book.
Only 216 were made, all with a numbered certificate and a neat little titanium badge.

the Artist





very cool :cool:

That looks really special. :slight_smile:

Beautiful helmet mate! :wink:

Not sure about the barefooted aproach to photography though?!?! And nice mountainbike! :stuck_out_tongue: :w00t:

Show us the shelf its going on then :stuck_out_tongue:

Tis very nice:D

Thanks Road Runner, the bike in that photos, puts my GSXR to shame when it come to being trick or price lol

WASP Im running out of space to put it :smiley:

looks like something the silver surfer would wear!

never seen one that silver before, but very cool.

you could join this bunch with that lid.

Are you going to wear it or stroke it?

Your helmet I mean?

Hang on… this is going sooo wrong… :blush:

Its titanium in colour, and things like the Arai badge and some other detailing are actual titanium.

looks like something out of the second terminator,very cool:cool:


but for £800+ it better be! :w00t:


£800??? That come with a naked dancing girl? Oh, and a pint?

beautiful helmet mate :stuck_out_tongue: just dont drop it!!

its special deinetly…but i dont like it:w00t:

are you gonan wear it hooning about?:smiley:

Dude…that looks the dogs danglies …you have outdone yourself on this one. However,…What a waste of money! ;):D:):P;):w00t::hehe:

p.s. i landed on my head after a big highside on saturday (yes …again) can I borrow your lid please? My last one cost £18 a lap apparently…trying to beat that this time! :cool:

Staff discount?

Im glad some of you liked it.

Ratty Im never going to use it I have enough less costly lids to use first.

<A class=SmlBoldLinks id=_ctl1_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater__ctl32_smAuthorName onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“void(’’);”>Panagiotis it was £1000 not £800 dude :w00t:

Staff discount off a £1000 lid isn’t much dude hahaha