Another new bloke from Medway

Good evening one & all. Thought I would say a quick hello. My name is Dan & I commute in from Walderslade to Lambeth. Im on a early black Fazer 600 at the mo (past 2 yrs) & try to get out on the bike on my days off too. Does anyone else do this journey?

I dont do your journey but i know Walderslade (sort of) my gym used to be down that way. Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Will see you at the Oakdene before long, or H’s cafe in Canterbury no doubt :slight_smile:

hi and welcome…been a few years since i’ve done the commute into the city :w00t:,used to live in walderslade now in gillingham i’ll keep a eye out for you i’m on a silver vfr 800.

exclude on here organises a few rideouts at the weekends if your interested,they’ll help keep the flatspot off your tyres from all the motorway miles :wink:

I could do with that, im due for a new set soon! Im up for the ride outs & always looking for new roads to try.

Hi And Welcome To LB Be Good To See You At One Of Our Night Meets or Run’s

Hi welcome to LB:D


Welcome mate

Thanks for the warm welcome, I’m hoping to get to a meet soon so I can match some names with faces (Avatars).

let me know when and i’ll tag along with you as most are out of medway area